Standard Death & Taxes

Brief Intro:

Disclaimer: This deck is not good. I have not played with it a ton. It is not tiered. But it's the closest thing there is to Death and Taxes in standard. This is far from the final configuration (will test more in the future), so I am open to suggestions, comments, improvements, or anything of the sort!


The Maybeboard:

The maybeboard is designed for testing purposes, as this deck lacks a confined deck in standard. The maybeboard helps myself and others have knowledge of different options that can and will be tested in the 75.

Another version of the deck: Mono-White

My main qualm with Mono-White Death and Taxes in standard is the lack of card options available in one color compared to older formats. However, you can still play the strategy in only white, but it moves the deck into more of a value creature direction rather than one with taxing creatures.